The ClearMyCar Portal is designed for anybody importing / exporting cars to / from the UK.

Car Imports to UK

View and upload documents needed to clear your car into the UK, complete required forms (C384, ToR01 etc) online in simple wizard format. Once all forms uploaded, your vehicle will be submitted to customs

FAS Payments and NOVA

See payments required for UK customs clearly for each vehicle. Monitor status of payments to HMRC and be notified once cleared.

Track progress of Notification of Vehicle Arrival (NOVA) applications and view / download NOVA letters once available.

Trade Hauliers

Gather required documentation from customers automatically, invite them to your client portal to let them see what information you need to transport their car to / from the EU.

Monitor their progress and prepare Goods Movement Records, and customs entries for each vehicle on your transporter.

International Car Shippers

Whether you handle shipments by RoRo, sea container or air freight, our portal allows you to easily see customs clearance status for each of your vehicles.

Receive notifications when a customer has provided all required documentation, alerts when they have paid HMRC or their car has cleared under ToR and view / email their NOVA confirmations as they are generated by HMRC.