UK Customs Clearance

Vehicle Import Specialists

£125 including NOVA

Struggling with UK Customs and NOVA when importing a car into the UK? Looking to ship a car, or already have one here in the UK that has a DVLA export marker?

Fixed price customs clearance for vehicle import to the UK.

  • Easy to use online portal.
  • For imports from EU / non-EU.
  • £125 includes clearance and NOVA.
HMRC logo for car import to UK

Our online portal enables both private car importers or multi-truck hauliers to easily collate documentation and obtain UK customs clearance.

Car already in the UK? No problem, we can get you cleared and submitted to HMRC NOVA the very same day. ToR, C384, C88 – no need to worry with all these acronyms, leave the complicated bits to us and submit only what is needed via our simple to use online portal

Importing / Exporting vehicles to / from the UK has been made that bit more complicated following Brexit, but we aim to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Whether this is your first time importing a car into the UK, or you run a haulage company and make regular trips to or from the EU, our online portal ensure you have all the correct documentation and your cars are cleared through UK customs as quickly and hassle-free as possible.