We have been clearing vehicles through UK customs since 2006. Vehicles from Europe, vehicles from outside Europe, before Brexit and after Brexit.

Clearing a car through customs (especially since Brexit) is a complicated process, and one that can cost you a lot of money if not carried out correctly.

Our online portal ensures you provide the correct documentation and we handle the rest. You don’t need to know your C384s from your ToRs, or your C88s from your GRMs. We let you know the information needed and process that information onto the appropriate form for you.

Our system can advise which documents are needed based on the car(s) you are importing.

A classic car from the USA, a new car from Germany, a European built car from Hong Kong. A container with four cars inside, a single car shipping on a RoRo vessel. A truck with six cars on, you and your car arriving on the ferry.

Each situation requires different processes, and our portal will ensure you get it right, every time.